Friday, February 25, 2011

The Benefits of Blogging

When I was a girl, I wanted so badly to keep a diary. I'd try but then I wouldn't like my handwriting so I'd rip the page out and would be too frustrated to rewrite it all. The next day I would open the book to write another passage and would be frustrated by the fact that there was a page ripped out and needed a new book before I could write again.

I'd buy a new book and write a few entries but then I'd find another book that I liked more. I couldn't possibly justify keeping just a few entries in one book and starting a new one but rewriting all of it wasn't an appealing task. What if my handwriting was bad again? Then I'd consider waiting a month or two because that would be a long enough lapse to make sense of starting a new book and discarding the old one. What to do? What to do?

THIS was the easy stuff. Let's not get into the fact that I'd reread what I wrote and feel silly about it or decide that I didn't feel the same way about a situation that I did when I wrote it or I made spelling or grammatical errors and so I certainly didn't want to keep evidence of it. Seriously. Things like that keep a girl like me up at night!

Although I hate to admit defeat with something like this, I gave up.

Then I found blogging.

Although some of the same issues still apply (has anyone read my weight-loss blog? Stop... start... stop... start... lather, rinse, repeat), I no longer have to get hung up about messy writing or ripped out pages. I can write, read, edit, reread, add pictures and even change the backgrounds to match the seasons. What bliss for an obsessive girl with a hint of attention deficit!

What I'm enjoying most however, is what I'm learning about myself (and I repeat, has anyone read my weight-loss blog?). I'm a starter, not a finisher. I'm a planner, not an executor. I really need to work on that.

And this time, I mean it!


  1. I wrote a diary for the longest time to my future daughter. Seriously all the posts, ahem, entries, were like I was talking to her. But yes, I would go back and not like what I wrote so I would tear pages out. Same with the handwriting thing too! Once I got out of High School I continued writing...then I thought there is no way in hell I want ANYONE reading this. And I stopped. But I still have them and if I ever have a daughter...hell, even if I have a son, they will be so embarrassed of me!

  2. LOL! Oh my gosh, you had me giggling the whole time. I'm EXACTLY like that with the diaries, and I am a TOTAL starter-without-finishing kind of gal. I am with you honey! Also, handwriting? I don't have handwriting. I have a scrawl that even I have a hard time making out. Thank God for Microsoft Word!
    Have a great day, good luck on the finishing of things. I need to work on that too. I should get on it...tomorrow...