Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why Blog?

I had a friend ask me this week why I blog? Well, I can see why they would ask that question since I am not famous, I don't really do anything all that extraordinary that anyone might seek out and gasp in delight or interest when they read my posts, and ...this is the big one... I tend to ramble. Valid question I suppose.

I hope this will be a valid response.

Mr. B is not only my darling husband, he's also my bestest friend. He's the one that comes to mind first when I'm excited, or upset, or happy, or (enter any range of emotional responses here) and I need to share it with someone. Most importantly, he's the one who "gets me". Even though I am very aware that sometimes when I talk he's not really listening, he still hears me.

Do you get that? Listen vs. Hear. I do. Sometimes I don't really need him to listen, I just need him to hear me. Someone experiencing some sort of physical response to my being. I speak, his eardrums vibrate, my voice is heard even if my concepts are not understood. That can be enough for me sometimes.

So, I blog not only because he works away from home and this is a forum to share things that go through this head that sometimes only he will understand but it's also a way to be heard... when I don't really need someone to listen.

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  1. I get it -- I think. I feel the same way, only for me the mere act of writing is therapeutic and/ or stimulating. And as a journalist, believe it or not, I don't always get to write (compose) every day.

    Speaking of which, I'm on your site looking for Ottawa crafters on Etsy. Can you contact me at with more information on yourself and the group Capital Crafters?

    Dayanti Karunaratne