Monday, January 2, 2012

The eleventh thing...

Quite a while ago I posted the top ten things you need to know about me turns out, there are actually eleven things you should know because the eleventh thing is VERY important.

11.  Beautiful music can move me to tears sometimes.  Not sobbing-cannot-catch-my-breath kind of tears, but dewy drops gathering at the surface kind of tears.  It makes me so happy that my body just cannot contain all the emotion, I guess. 

Watch this video and tell me it doesn't move you in some way or another.  We are beautiful, marvelous creatures, aren't we?

THEN... visit this site and read about their fight to keep their school open.  Donate if you can, if you can't then spread the word.  Email everyone on the list in the "Become Involved" section.  Goodness knows I have a lot to say to Premier McGuinty but since most of it won't be very polite (and mama didn't raise a rude girl) an email in support of PCVS might be a good opener.

Can you imagine a world without beautiful things... without beautiful sounds?  I cannot and will not.

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