Thursday, March 11, 2010

10 Things You Should Know About Me

That sounds like you NEED to know them or something bad could happen. You don't need to know, but it might help sort a few things out.

1. I was never a dog person until Mr. Django came to be. Now, my life would not be complete without my weims.

2. I like going to NHL hockey games but like nothing else about hockey. At all. Ever. I like when the Sens score and they play, "Who Let the Dogs Out?". It makes me feel happy even though I ordinarily dislike that song... or any like it.

3. I love movie monsters, always have. I have black hair, always will. My closet contains so much black that I have been sued by the other colours for discrimination. ;)

4. Texture is like a drug to me. I can never resist sliding my hands over crisp fabrics, swimming my fingers around in a container of glass beads, the softness of dog ears, and touching flower petals.

5. I do not like those frogs that hatch their babies in holes on their backs. They freak me out and if I wasn't afraid of causing an ecosystem disaster, I'd find a way to erase their existence. I dislike them that severely. I don't know why.

6. I sing and dance like a mental patient in front of my children. There is no reason ever for a child not to identify their parent as a spirited person, just like them. After all, we are still like them, just in older bodies. I also cry, admit defeat, and laugh hysterically in front of my children. I ask them for forgiveness when it's required as well. I can teach them anything I like but it's what I show them that really matters. Be yourself, always. It's invigorating.

7. I'm nothing like the person I thought I would be 20 years ago and I have no problem with that. Although, I'd like to be better with money. I'm working on that. Damn shiny things.

8. If I won the lottery, I'd buy a brownstone or apartment in New York City, I'd fly my dearest friends and family there, and have a summer evening twinkle-light party on a rooftop like ones I've seen in the movies.

9. I like to listen to songs and make up a video for the song in my head with memories from my own life. If I can't make up a video for it, chances are it won't make my playlist.

10. I drink my Tom Collins' the way nature intended - from a goldfish bowl.


  1. That number 7? I get you. I really do.

  2. Marnie, although it was out of sentiment, reading this brought a tear to my eye. Do you remember the night we were out driving around town just a little bit longer so that we could hear/sing 'that' soundtrack one more time? That was the night we confided our ultimate "weirdness" in each other and discovered that we truly are Anne and Diana.
    I love you Marnie. And these are ten reasons why. xo