Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I remember your peanut allergy even when I don't have to and therefore, I love you.

This morning I poured my coffee and popped my twelve grain toast into the toaster and hit the cupboard and fridge for the PB and J. When the toast was ready, first up was the peanut butter. My knife smeared the oh-so-yummy organic raspberry jam on top of the PB and the toast was transformed into a canvas of tasty swirls. I dipped my knife back into the jam in an effort to recreate the artwork on the second piece. Then I stopped, thought, and said to myself, "We'll need to be sure to get rid of this jam before "Mr. Monster" and "Hellfire" come back to visit. (These friends already came with nicknames but regardless, they are indeed nickname worthy.)

This is how you know you love your friends. You consider their needs (or in this case, allergies) even when they're not around or planned to be around any time soon.


  1. Awwww! That is so sweet! We need to come visit again soon!

  2. *tears*

    This makes me miss you so much!

    Cannot wait to see you!