Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whatever happened to manners?

I think that one of the most important things any mother can teach her child is good manners. It doesn't matter how successful, how smart, how powerful any one human becomes - nothing will make up for bad manners.

If Mr. B were here, he'd chuckle at how very upset I am at this very moment, but he'd also agree with me. Here's what has my blood boiling tonight.

In case you are not familiar with the lovely Stephanie Nielson, she is a mommy-blogger who survived a horrible plane crash with her husband in August of 2008. I have been following her blogs as well as her recovery process ever since. She shared her inspirational story on Oprah a few months back and I think that she is one of the sweetest and, let's not forget, strongest human beings I've ever witnessed.

Despite her injuries, and being burned over 80% of her body... she lived. She chose to fight for her children, family, and friends and she survived. She still fights to this day. Don't just take my word for it. Check out her blog the NieNie Dialogues and see for yourself. The strength and grace this woman displays through an experience that would make most of us curl up and die is amazing to me.

Now that I've laid the groundwork for this post, you must be wondering what's coming next. Well, it would appear that someone has been sending Stephanie not-so-nice emails about her visit to the salon a week or so back and also must have been inquiring as to whether or not the aforementioned visit was paid for with donated money. *deep breath* She responded to her today in her blog post. I've been shocked and disgusted since.

My mother always told me to think before I spoke and to say whatever I wanted to say, but to be sure that I really meant it. Oh yeah, and there was a little something about "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" thrown in there for good measure as well. I thought all mothers taught that. Perhaps I was misinformed.

Perhaps you agree that if you don't like someone, or what they're doing, or what they're posting about, wouldn't it be better (and more mature and polite) to just NOT VISIT THEIR BLOG anymore than to send them mean emails? Also, is it wrong for me to think that it's really no body's business where the money came from that she used to go to the salon? Oh, and one more thing, even if it WAS indeed donated money that was paying for her salon visit, isn't Stephanie entitled to a little pampering like the rest of us now and then?

There is nothing that I have ever experienced that could compare to what Stephanie has been through. However, I'm sure that you'll agree when I say that we've all experienced something in our lives that has made us feel less-than-feminine or pretty. Whether it's acne, a scar, getting that first chin hair, crooked teeth, gaining weight, you name it, we've all had something happen to us that makes us feel like less of a woman, less beautiful and is it so wrong to do something to make ourselves feel better? Well, then I ask you, what if that condition that was making you feel less beautiful was scar tissue and thin skin from the majority of your body being burned and tubes coming out of your body to drain off fluids to prevent life threatening infections? Would having your hair done and getting your toenails painted really be that frivolous?

The Nielson's received generous donations from people in their communities and from people just like you and me who would never know of these darling people if it weren't for the world wide web. As a matter of fact, I seem to recall a point in time where the website set up to collect donations actually stopped taking donations because of the overwhelming support that they received. Who does that? Honestly? Who says, "It's okay, we've got enough, thanks." I'll tell you who. Good. Honest. People. That's who. The money that was received was not solicited out of greed nor was it given (I'm sure) with the expectation that every penny would be reconciled to the public either. People gave because they cared. They cared enough to want to make a difference for this family. They gave because they wanted to help these young parents LIVE. Isn't making a young woman going through what she's going through feel pretty making a difference? Money well spent, I'd say!

There's so much more I could say but I think I've released enough of the frustration to allow myself to sleep now.

Stephanie Nielson... if by some chance you happen to read this... BUY MORE NAIL POLISH!! ;)

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  1. I read her blog sometimes, too, but I didn't see her on Oprah, and I wasn't aware of this controversy.

    That is just horrible. Imagine the sad angry life of the woman who wrote that... Her life must be even more tragic than Stephanie's, who is surviving and loving and being loved.

    Sad. :(