Monday, April 26, 2010

Speak in Silence

Perhaps I speak only for myself when I say this but, if you're like me and you drive a lot, there is nothing better than driving on a sunny day wearing your Jackie-O shades with your music turned up loud. Really loud.

When I drive, I like to sing... and think. In fact, it's where I do my best thinking. Mr. B might protest to that (but that would be because sometimes this thinking results in more work for him to do).

Today, I was singing my little heart out (thankfully I was not carrying any passengers) and I was thinking about how if Mr. B had been with me, he would probably turn down the music and say, "How can you concentrate? You're going to go deaf, young lady." Then again, maybe he wouldn't have since I was listening to Young MC's Bust-a-Move and he can't resist that one either. Anyway, if he had done and said that, he would probably be right about one thing. I probably am going to go deaf.

Then the REAL thinking began. Maybe I should learn sign language. Sure it could come in handy (no pun intended - alright, maybe it was) for when my eardrums finally succumb to my rock concert lifestyle but it would also be very rewarding. Our neighbour at our old house is deaf and it would be so nice to have a conversation with her in her own language. She had taught me some words and I sometimes looked up signs on the internet and would surprise her. It usually worked out well except for the day I had made her a loaf of bread and looked up how to say, "Here's some bread for breakfast" and unfortunately something went wrong between my living room and her kitchen and I ended up signing, "Here's some bread bi*%h." Luckily for me, although she had very little hearing, her sense of humour was very functional!

Since Mr. B does not agree that the middle finger is proper sign language it's safe to say that I have not signed a word since we moved into our new house which was almost three years ago. I still see my old neighbour from time to time but since I'm of French decent and use my hands and facial expressions when I talk, and since she has partial hearing in one ear and can read lips, we get on just fine. I think I want more. I think it's a beautiful language and I want to learn.

I want to speak in silence.

So my dear blog-buddies, I am off in search of a dexterous education.

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  1. Sign language is something I have always wanted to learn too. I know the alphabet, but thats about it. Good luck with the lessons!