Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reflections and Forecasting

As I sit here sipping my morning coffee and listening to Mr. B grumble bad words as he attempts to hang drywall in the basement stairwell, I am reflecting on the past week (and year) and thinking about what this next year will bring. More importantly, I'm forecasting what we will do to ensure this next year is the best one yet. After all, although things will happen that we cannot control, we do invite much of our own experiences based on the decisions we make. Nothing is guaranteed, but the best chance we have for a better outcome is to make better choices, non?

That is so true in many areas. Better food choices make healthier (and thinner) bodies. Better choices with how we spend our time ensures we accomplish what we need to, allows us to spend valuable time with those we love, and ultimately leaves us with a better sense of balance. Better financial choices gives us so many benefits but I think that if I had to wrap it up in one simple phrase it would be "less stressful lives".

So here's to you and yours. Here's to a fresh start. I challenge everyone to reflect on this past year, smile about all the good things that happened, forget about all the dumbass things you may have done, and plan for a new and better year (even if 2009 was already a great one).

Happy New Year!!

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