Monday, June 22, 2009

Gentle Reminders

We all need reminders now and then, don't we? I think so. We're only human and are prone to forget now and then. Sometimes we forget to call someone when we said we would. Sometimes we forget to pick up toilet paper. Sometimes we forget to pay the credit card bill but at some point, we will receive a gentle reminder to do all of these things. Maybe the reminder from the credit card company won't be quite so gentle, but it will be a reminder none the less.

Yesterday, while driving around our (maybe) new town I received the most magnificent of reminders.

It was an ordinary sunny day and we were on a very ordinary mission of stalking the new house and my bestie too. Yes, those are indeed ordinary things to do! As we cruised down the busy main drag, we approached a cross walk and I could see an elderly man on the opposite curb waiting to cross. Mr. B had obviously seen him as well because just as my hand came to rest on his arm as a gesture to give the gentleman the right of way, the car came to an easy stop.

I have a soft spot for cute old people. Especially little old men. I'm not exactly sure why or what it is but I have a few ideas. Perhaps it's because I no longer have any grandfathers left in this world? Perhaps. I do know that I love the propriety of a little old man dressed in his Sunday best. This gentleman did not disappoint.

He was thin and maybe about five and a half feet tall. He was wearing perfectly pressed grey trousers, a light blue jacket, a white pork-pie hat, and a twinkle in his eye. As he took his first shaky step from the curb I felt somewhat privileged to just be watching him. I remarked to everyone in the car how cute he was and just as the words left my mouth, he did this little hop and a skip and pumped his arms as if he was pretending to run for just a few steps. His face was stretched with the biggest grin I think I've ever seen.

I could feel tears stinging behind my eyes and my cheek muscles burning from the intensity of my smile. The urge to hug him was almost unbearable. Despite my poor attempt to describe his actions to you, what I witnessed was one of the most simple yet memorable moments I've ever experienced.

It was a gentle reminder that life and the people around us can indeed be beautiful and joyous, that the little unexpected moments can bring someone so much happiness, that human experiences can bring far more joy than things that can be bought and sold, that even after many years on this big ball you can still have a twinkle in your eye and a skip in your step.

It was a gentle reminder that what's truly important in life is to truly live it.


  1. Okay this made me tear up! No wonder we like each other so much! Oh and feel free to stalk me anytime. You should come hang out on our porch sometime and we can spy on your house from there!


  2. Oh my gosh I am smiling so much my mouth hurts, what a great event! I bet you made his day too - he probably felt like giving you a treat :)

  3. Still makes me smile :)
    I've given you an award:
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Always love to read your posts. I should add some of my own, but WOW! have things been happening!