Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Ever Growing Family

No, I'm NOT pregnant! Let's get that out of the way.

Mr. B's mommy reads my blog so I had to be sure that I explained that flat out. Although, as much of a surprise that would be for her it would be even more so for me. I'm so far from that place now that I think I'd seriously consider contacting some gypsies to try and broker a deal. Then again, Mr. B and I do make really beautiful babies so maybe the black market would be a more lucrative choice. Tres drole, non? Non.

So we've established that I'm not having or have recently had a baby so how is the family growing? We have another fur child. Yes, I'm absolutely and certifiably insane. I've always had a soft spot for the poor neglected or homeless animals that someone else cast aside. (I suppose this once applied to boyfriends as well. Ha!?) Anyway, this little guy was so poorly cared for and needed a home so badly that it's no surprise that I just couldn't say no. He's a weimaraner as well but he's silver. Are you getting the picture of that little girl who would have an animal just follow her home? Yes, that was me. Quite literally, in fact. The last cat that I had was being abused by some teenage boys when I found him. I, in turn abused the ring leader of the aforementioned idiots on kitty's behalf and then he followed me home. He clung to the screen on our kitchen door and stared woefully into the house until Mr. B told me I could take care of him until we found his family. We soon became his family.

We're now out of the cat phase of our lives and into the loyal canine companions...weimaraners to be exact. I blame William Wegman and his clever little Sesame Street skits. I've wanted a weim ever since seeing that when I was a wee girl. Now I have two.

Here they are - new addition, Diesel and the ever faithful Django. I wanted to change Diesel's name to Elvis but Mr. B wouldn't let me. He needs to gain a bit of weight, I'm not sure of the exact details of his previous care but I can say that it wasn't very good, or at the very least, it was not adequate. He's here now and fattening up is something this family knows full well how to do so he's in good hands for that.

There have been many laughs and many adventures and I'm sure I'll write about them from time to time, but not today.

Happy Mother's Day to mommies of all children, both furry and not.


  1. This post made me happy. Thank you.

  2. OH Marnie! How wonderful! I am SO happy Diesel has a loving home, you will have the happiest dog on the block because of your angel wings. Thank you for caring!! It warms my heart :)