Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lightbulbs, Puppies, and Manatee Bread

What does crazy look like? Me. It looks like me.

Yes, I'm crazy but not in the psycho-creepy kind of way. It's more like the spinning around on a mountain top kind of crazy. The blissful kind.

Mr. B totally gets that but the rest of you (if there are any "rest of you" out there) are probably saying, "uhhh... what?!"

I'm the happy kind of crazy. The kind of crazy person that takes on more than she should but enjoys every minute of it, even if she won't say so. For instance, we have a house guest this weekend. A furry one. From this point forward, she shall be known as Lolly. (Lolly-dolly or Lollipup are also acceptable substitutions) We thought about Freckles but if you've seen the season 3 finale of Supernatural, you'll know why that was quickly pulled from the ballot box.

Isn't she lovely? She's such a good little girl too. She seems to be enjoying her stay here. Who wouldn't?! She's got the Magpie who is giving her more love and attention than she can handle and she's got another goggy to play with. Well, not now that the fireplace is on. Once the fire goes on, Django does this:

However, when they were playing it looked something like this:

It makes my heart happy to see Django playing with other goggies and having a good time. He's such a sweetheart. He had noticed the toys she likes and he brings them to her. Let's say it all together now, "Awwwww".

Other than puppies to keep me happy and well-rounded, I'm also keeping up with my resolution. I can't tell you how fulfilling that is since every other year by this time I've failed, given up, and renounced resolutions forever, or at least until next year. Excellent choice this year, Marnie.

So what have I done that has made me so darn pleased with myself? I bought new CF light bulbs. Twelve of them to be exact. In doing so, I have snuffed out the life of twelve poor little incandescent light bulbs. In an effort to make them feel better about their sacrifice, I shall give them their 5 minutes of fame below. Anyhoo... those twelve combined with the five I've already replaced will save us over $120 a year in electricity costs. Sure, that's only $10 a month but every little bit helps and it's better in my pocket, isn't it? Better is the theme this year after all.

Finally, one more act of satisfaction: 100% Whole Wheat Bread. Or as the kids call it, manatee bread. I don't think it looks like a manatee, do you? Part of being better to myself and being a better mother is to change some of our food choices and thus I have changed our bread to 100% whole wheat (with the exception of a light dusting of white flour on the outside to make it look more rustic like artisan bread). I've also discovered that I prefer making it. It's more elastic and kneading it is almost therapeutic. Let's also not forget that since it's homemade it contains none of the nastiness that store bought has and it's deeeeeeeelicious. We are officially a manatee bread family.

There you have it. Changing my light bulbs makes me happy. Making my own bread even though I really don't have a lot of extra time makes me happy. Taking care of puppies even though it interrupts my sleep makes me happy.

Crazy bliss. Light bulbs, Puppies, and Manatee Bread.

Oh, and tropical-sky bathrooms. I'm not quite ready to tell Mr. B all about that though, yet. Maybe next time.

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  1. Yay for happy puppies!
    That bread looks AMAZING, oh my gosh. I made french bread yesterday and there really is no substitute for fresh is there? Yes it takes time, but it is sooo worth it. Now you can add other cool ingredients (flax seed and poppy seeds anyone?) or make different kinds of bread - cinnamon raisin being popular 'round here. Have a great goggy day!