Monday, January 12, 2009

If I was the Queen...

... I would make all of my friends some manatee bread on a regular basis because I wouldn't have to work and would have so much more time for kneading and proofing.

... I would buy everyone who can eat dairy products a 14 day supply of Activia yogurt because I've taken the Activia challenge, and folks although you don't REALLY get the flat tummy with the green bellydancing costume, you feel like it. Of course, it's only been 7 days so maybe it takes the full 14 days for that to happen?

... I would make plastic surgery FREE for women who've gained and lost weight or had babies because let's face it, carrying two big babies, nursing the little buggers, aging skin, and 14 years of caring more about everyone else's health are not the winning criteria for a firm, gravity defying body.

... I would take a graphics course because although I really want so badly to be good at it, I suck

... Mr. B would still be my King

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