Thursday, November 19, 2009

Starry Ceilings and Lost Treasures

Have you ever taken your life for granted and then the simplest little moment snaps you out of it and you realize how truly blessed you really are? Thank goodness for those little moments.

Last week I was working on a large jewelry order for a company Christmas party. I made 50 necklace and earring sets all with various colours of Swarovski crystals. Oh, how I love crystals. All the sparkle of diamonds (almost) but only a fraction of the cost. Anyway, I was sitting there toiling away and was sort of feeling a little irritated at all the work I still had to do. After completing that order I still had about 5 others to finish. I was teetering on the edge of feeling like I was somehow a failure - like I should be doing something more than just sitting here making trinkets. Then I looked up. What I saw took my breath away for a second and a wave of calm and awe washed over me.

Although the photo didn't capture half of what I was seeing, I'm afraid that it's lost even more of its lustre during upload. However, you can trust me when I tell you that those little sparkles you see on the ceiling, they were everywhere and they were all colours of the rainbow but in pastel form. It was beautiful.

In that moment I suddenly felt grateful. For everything. Grateful that I was alive and could see this lovely sight, grateful that I had hands that worked well enough to do what I do, grateful that people enjoy and believe in my work and don't think of them as merely "trinkets", but most of all I felt grateful for my husband. I'm no longer working full time outside of the house. That might not be permanent but for now it is what I need to do and he supports me 110% on that. Our children are all teenagers but in many ways, they need me more more now than they did when they were toddlers and I choose to be here for them. He agrees, and he works so hard to take care of us financially while I tend to our family. In the meantime, I'm also trying to make somewhat of a contribution by growing my jewelry business which of course also nurtures my creative spirit so it's a win-win situation for me. All in all, I'm a very lucky girl... and I know it, I just sometimes forget to remember that. ;)

*a free gift to anyone who can tell me in what movie "sometimes forget to remember" was said

How lucky am I to be able to take care of my children, our home, our dogs, and make pretty little things that make people happy and earn a bit of money from doing so? Sure, I won't be sitting next to Trump at the next fundraiser gala but you know what, I don't need to be in order to be happy. No offence Mr. Trump. Everything I already have is all I need to make me happy. How lucky am I to have figured that out?

Here is a sample of what I do. It's also the source of the epiphany-inducing light show.

This week, it happened again. I found a cassette tape that was made for me by one of my bestest buddies back in 1990. Wow, nineteen years goes by so quickly, doesn't it? A change in schools and many years separated us. Then a couple of years ago, through the wonders of modern technology, we reconnected via Facebook. We haven't actually "seen" each other but it's nice to have her back in my life in any measure.

When you're young and you lose a friend or life separates you, it's heartbreaking. This is also true when you're an adult, however maturity also allows you to appreciate that you had them in your life at all. I had so many great times with this girl. She was also a fellow 'merd' and so as you can imagine, I loved her! She was a great friend and always made me feel good. I'm thankful for her and for so many others, both current and past. Finding that tape made me remember that. :)

"We met as friends and you were so easy to get to know. Will we meet one another again? Oh my, I hope so..." - the Small Faces

Reflect. Be Thankful.

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  1. I love reading your blogs Marnie. Your so inspirational. You should write a book :)