Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life is Change

Wow, another two week lag. I'm not so good at this keeping up to date thing, am I? Well, better late than never, I always say. (Chronically late people ALWAYS say that.)

What's new with you? Since you, whoever you are, cannot answer that and chat about it real time in my blog, I'll just go ahead and tell you what's new with me. Sound good? Yahuh.

First things first - I owe my buddy xtcdukes a prize for correctly identifying the quote at the bottom of my last post. Somehow, I knew he'd be the one to get it... and quickly. Here you go my fellow merd.

Now that the important business is taken care of, onto the Sunday morning brain dump.

I've been thinking about change a whole lot lately. I've been thinking about how when we're in a good place in our lives, the last thing we want is for anything to change but inevitably, it will. Likewise, when things are challenging or not quite as they should be, we crave it. Life is change. From the moment we are born until far after we take our last breath, we are changing... physically, emotionally, metaphysically... we are in a constant state of change from the very moment of conception forward.

What brought on these thoughts? Well, my darling Mr. B and I in the middle of possibly selling our home and buying a new (old) one. Yes, we did just move in here less than two years ago and yes, this is the brand new home that we always wanted and never thought we would ever have but when something needs to change, you just seem to know it somehow. We longed for this change and then when it finally happened we found ourselves somewhat disappointed. It's not the life we thought we would have. The house is beautiful but it's just not "us". Does that make sense? Although we love it, it just doesn't feel like home. Could it be that everything is too new and too sterile? Maybe that's it. Whatever it is, for the cost of this tiny little palace, we're not 100% satisfied. Of course, there are a few other reasons as well but I've been complaining far too much as of late so we'll leave it at that.

We found a new home, one that isn't even ours yet but it just feels right. It's an old historic home with high ceilings, big chunky banisters, huge foyers, and so much charm. Oh, and there is an attic that nobody likes but me so I have claimed it as my own. It's fantastic! It's got the whole Edward Scissorhands vibe and I shall be very happy up there. *le sigh* Please cross your fingers, toes, and boobies for me that we can get all of our ducks in a row and make this deal happen.

Did I mention that it's also in a different town? Oh, I mustn't forget that little detail. It's refreshing to think of a fresh start. The town we currently live in is where I was born and raised and where Mr. B has lived for most of his life. Although it has been a great place to raise a family, we're so ready for a change. Just to sweeten the pot a little more, the new house is just around the corner from my bestie. Family, work, and changing lives have put more and more time and space between us the past few years and it sure would be nice to have more opportunities to sit on the porch with green apple martinis... I mean, a cup of tea. ;)

All that being said, selling a house is no easy task and not one that I take lightly. When we sold our last home everything had to be as perfect as it could be before each and every showing, this time will be no different. In light of that I have been finishing up a few tasks that began but were never finished due to my crazy schedule. This weekend has been all about finishing things. I've reseeded the lawn, am straightening cupboards, shelves, and the basement, cleaning up my studio area (cuz daaaaaamn!), and completed the painting in our bedroom.

It's a very bright room during the day so you can't truly see the impact that the dark wall makes but it's lovely. I think the paint chip called the dark colour Urban Grey and the light colour on the other three walls Pavestone but I prefer to call them Django and Diesel (get it?) and so shall it be.

I'm very excited about the new-old house and the possibilities that therein lie for renovations and improvements. Although much will change, I take comfort in the fact that the view from my bed will follow me there.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference."

Religious or not, I think we can all appreciate the power in that simple statement.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have poop to pick up and dead grass from pee spots to reseed. I'm also going to attempt to install a laundry tub. Although I haven't really missed having one, I know when I'm looking at houses I tend to notice if there isn't one so to satisfy the new potential owners, I shall put one in for their convenience. Don't worry people, I own the Mike Holmes "Do It Right" book. It'll allllllllll be just fine.

Waiting for Mr. B's call in response to this post in 5..... 4...... 3.... 2.... Oh there it is.


  1. Oh, your bedroom is lovely! And I love the doggie pics too.

    Please post lots of pics of your new house, whenever you go.

    And when you have a quick sec, can you pop down to Florida to decorate my house too? Kthanx!

  2. I would love to! I'll pack up my paint brushes and be on my way.

    Can you have some lemonade waiting? :)