Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Ideas

I'm told that I make an excited face when I have an idea, specifically a good one.

Well, then. Since I like to think that all of my ideas are good ones, we have captured that face and I offer it here for the whole world to see.

Apparently, the pointed finger is common as well. Okay, I'll accept that. After all, the proof is right before my eyes.


I have another great idea. I know, it's hard to keep up. I'm launching another blog in the next few days. The Magpie and I are trying to eat more on the vegetarian side of the kitchen. It will be no easy task with two carnivores in the house but I made a wicked veggie lasagna last night that the Little Prince actually thought had meat in it. Yes! My powers of deception are still sharp. In light of that, I think I can fool some of them some of the time and the rest of the time, well the Magpie and I will just adjust the meal to accommodate both or we'll have less meat than the rest. I'm severely anemic so it will be a delicate balance to manage without supplements but I think I can do it. Goodbye Mr. Striploin. We had a good thing, you and I, but it's time to move on. *sniffle*

Our plan is to start as lacto/ovo but then later adopt a more Japanese style of eating by including more fish and cutting down/out dairy. THIS. WILL. SUCK! I love cheese and yogurt. Oh how I love them both. I am a huge fan of sushi and sashimi but not so much of cooked fish. Hmmm... Baby steps. It will be good for Mr. B as well since he's plagued with the tummy troubles and all.

I've created the space but there's nothing there just yet. I'll get something thrown together soon and then will share the fruits of my vegetarian labour with anyone who might be interested.

Until then, the Magpie and I bid you adieu.


  1. Woo! Good luck! I feel SO much better since going veggie. I eat lentils, spinach, etc so my iron is okay...see a dietician if you can for ideas on geting enough of the essentials like iron and vit-B, etc.
    Have fun, I can't wait too see your new blog :D


  3. wasn't going to leave a comment but that last comment made me laugh. :)