Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Way Conversations

As you know, Mr. B works out of town. It can be tough but we don't let the distance damage our relationship. In fact, I think in some very important ways it has made it stronger. We still communicate constantly by way of text message, facebook, email, phone and, of course, this blog. One thing that we've learned to do that we seldom did before is communicate more effectively. When you can only send a few text messages a day at 140 characters each, you learn very quickly to pick and choose the important subjects and the best words to describe them.

I know that some people would argue that this is no way for a couple to live, at one time I would have been one of them. This life is certainly not for everyone and it can be very challenging. However, with hard work comes great rewards. We are providing a life for our children that we NEVER thought we could have. Sure Mr. B is gone for up to two weeks sometimes but then he comes home for a week or more and spends every minute of it with us. He can also come and go as he pleases so when we need him, he's always here. In many ways, it has made us all closer and certainly has made us appreciate the time we have together.

Finally, it has allowed us to have fun little facebook interactions such as this:
(warning! contains some graphic content)

Note: The following chat takes place between 1:19pm and 1:43pm.

Kevin is offline.

Where did you go? You were there a second ago!

Kevin is online.


Hey baby!!
are you ignoring me?
I can see you're there.
Your little ball thingy is green.
I'm going to keep typing until you answer me.
blah blah blah
I like turtles
Coca cola should be a food group
Kevin has a really big....
If our house was a salad...
...I would be the cherry tomatoes
...and you would be the cheese...
Deez Nuts!
okay, this isn't as much fun as I thought it would be.
I'm going to go and stalk someone else now.
Did I scare you?
*le sigh*
Do you even know how to use this thing?
Prolly not.
you're not very good at this facebook chat thing, are you?
We're going to have to work on your computer skillzzzzz...
where's my chapstick
You talk to me right now Mister or I'm gonna spend all of your money while you're gone.
Well, I'll probably do that anyway but talk to me dammit!
You're sitting there watching me ramble on, aren't you?
Yeah. I knew it!
You're probably huddled around the computer with your guys just having a good laugh at the torture you're putting me through.
Well sir... I have a cure for that.
I just flashed you.
that's sad.
remember when they used to look like this.. (`)(`)
okay, they were never that perky... but close.
*le sigh encore*
can I get a boob job?
You might have to work a few more days for that. ;)
(.)(:) <--- superfluous nipple
lmao too
HaHa... I kill me.
K, I got nothing else.
Can you talk to me now?

Kevin is offline.

One way conversations are sometimes better than none at all.

Kevin is online.
Kevin is offline.

Although it was just me rambling away I have to admit that I had a great time imagining him sitting there watching each line pop up. After the first few lines I knew that Facebook was just being Facebook and that he wasn't really still online but then I had the stroke of genius to realize that this would make a great blog. I kept going.

He's going to love this one. :)

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  1. LMBO!! That was too funny! When my hubby has to travel we do the same thing - though the boob thing was hilarious!